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Chimpanzee Prints

Raising money for Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary in Looe, Cornwall, UK

With the recent rebranding of my small art business, I am excited to announce the start of my wildlife conservation mission - Charity Prints!

The reason for shaping and redirecting 'Art by Emily' into 'The Zoologist's Canvas' has all come about due to a realisation that I want to see some change in this world. It angers, shocks, but most of all, frightens me to see the effect that we have had on this planet - in particular, how other species that share our home are impacted! So, instead of fretting that change isn't happening quick enough, I thought about how I could help. I can paint! And so the idea of 'Art for your home, protection for theirs' was born. I want to sell beautiful wildlife artworks for people to see and feel joy when they hang them in their homes, but that will also give people the satisfaction knowing that it has played a part in wildlife conservation!

I painted this wise looking chimp with the Monkey Sanctuary in Looe, Cornwall in mind! They do amazing work for primate conservation in the UK and funding projects across the globe.

I visited Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary back in my last year of University, whilst studying a primate module. During that time, I learnt so much about primate conservation! I had no idea how dire the situation had got.. and I also remember being so shocked when I heard primates could legally be kept as pets in the UK. Yes, that's right - shocking.

The sale of primates as pets within the UK is something that Wild Futures is fighting against and raising awareness about what is really going on.

"There are approximately 5,000 primates kept by private individuals in the UK today. Primates are intelligent, socially complex wild animals, inherently unsuitable for keeping in a domestic setting, but they are currently afforded very little protection under UK law."

Wild Futures is also home to quite a few monkeys that have been rescued from neglect or abusive situations. There are groups of Capuchins, Woolly monkeys and little Marmosets enjoying their new life at the sanctuary.

One of these monkeys is Mr Monkey:

Mr Monkey was a pet that couldn't be taken to Portugal when his owners moved as the law in Portugal does not allow it. Mr Monkey often displays behaviours such as pulling out his hair and self-grasping. In fact, there are a few residents at the sanctuary that show some of these odd behaviours. These have no doubt developed during their time in captivity, due to being kept in small spaces, on their own with no social interaction and no stimulation. These upsetting behaviours are now with them for life but they can now all live happily with their own kind at the sanctuary and this will aid recovery and help them to gain confidence again.

Wild Futures is also a wildlife conservation hot spot. They work hard to manage the site so local plants, insects and mammals can thrive. As a result, they have a colony of the rare Lesser horseshoe bat on site, as well as declining species of butterflies.

With each print sold, I will donate 20% of the profits to Wild Futures. They are a non-profit organisation and rely entirely on donations.

This is what the money can do:

  • £5 -> Will buy an enrichment toy for a rescued monkey.

  • £10 -> Helps provide medication for the diabetic monkeys in our care.

  • £20 -> Buys food for a rescued monkey for one month.

  • £35 -> Takes us to a local school.

  • £100 -> Helps protect UK wildlife.

  • £500 -> Enables us to campaign to end the primate pet trade

  • £1,000 -> Can fund a project conserving and protecting primate habitats.

So not only will you be receiving a lovely piece of artwork for your home, but you will be helping to fund an organisation working to protect primates against the pet trade.

If you would like to find out more about this organisation, perhaps visit the sanctuary, or maybe even adopt a monkey, here is the link https://www.wildfutures.org/

These prints are printed onto 300gsm thick, top quality paper. They are 8x8 inches in size and unframed.

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