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Raising funds for The Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, Cornwall

With the recent rebranding of my small art business, I am excited to announce the start of my wildlife conservation mission - Charity Prints!

The reason for shaping and redirecting 'Art by Emily' into 'The Zoologist's Canvas' has all come about due to a realisation that I want to see some change in this world. It angers, shocks, but most of all, frightens me to see the effect that we have had on this planet - in particular, how other species that share our home are impacted! So, instead of fretting that change isn't happening quick enough, I thought about how I could help. I can paint! And so the idea of 'Art for your home, protection for theirs' was born. I want to sell beautiful wildlife artworks for people to see and feel joy when they hang them in their homes, but that will also give people the satisfaction knowing that it has played a part in wildlife conservation!

This gorgeous seal print was painted using a photo of one of the residents at The Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, Cornwall!

This is Aayla:

"Aayla was rescued from Bacton, Norfolk in January 2017 and taken to a local rehabilitation centre. She was malnourished and had a small injury on her right flipper. After investigation by a vet, it was discovered that the wound was more serious than initially suspected. There was an infection in the bones so she had to have several removed to stop the infection spreading, so had to receive continuous care. Unable to stay in her previous home in Hunstanton, she was relocated to Gweek in July 2018 where she has found her permanent home.

Aayla enjoys playing with other seals around her age such as Willow, Jinx and Banana. They love to sneak up on and pester each other when sunbathing!"

Aayla is one of the grey seals that have found a permanent home at the sanctuary, along with a group of common seals, 2 sea lions, some Humboldt penguins AND even a family of beavers as part of a beaver reintroduction project!

There are also young seal pups that were rescued from our coastlines, either due to injuries, malnourishment or stranded. They are cared for, rehabilitated here at the sanctuary, and then released again!

The main goals of the Sanctuary are:

- To rescue and provide expert care for sick, injured, or distressed seals and other marine animals in need of help who are found around our shores.

- To release them back into their natural environment once they are back to full health.

- To provide a permanent home and ongoing care for seals and other marine animals who cannot be released back to the wild.

- We educate and inspire generations to protect our seas and amazing marine life, now and for the future.

I absolutely LOVE visiting the seal sanctuary! It is situated right on the Helford river in the village of Gweek. If you are ever in Cornwall, it is 100% worth a visit. Not only will you get to see all the squishy seals, each with their own story, but it is also a lovely walk (whether in the sunshine or in the classic Cornish drizzle).

With each of my Seal Prints that are sold, 20% of the profit will go towards The Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Lets have a look at what our donations can do:

  • £10 - Provides toys to enrich our residents and keep them entertained

  • £20 - Buys an bottle of Zoolite (essential vitamins)

  • £50 - Pays for a full vet visit for rescued seal pups

  • £100 - Feeds a pup in the hospital for 5 days

  • £500 - Covers a lifesaving surgery for one of our animals

So, how can you help?

Well, there are so many ways! Maybe you'd like to buy one of these prints, you can donate directly towards the sanctuary, visit the sanctuary, adopt a seal or you can simply share a social media post about these prints/or about the sanctuary.

Lets raise awareness together! Too many marine mammals are washing up on our beaches and unfortunately, a lot of that can be due to human impact.

If you would like to order a print (8x8 inches, 300gsm paper, unframed) you can find them in my store - https://www.thezoologistscanvas.co.uk/product-page/seal-print-8x8-inches

(The Cornish Seal Sanctuary website - https://sealsanctuary.sealifetrust.org/en/ )

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